Granica Named a 2023 Gartner® Cool Vendor

Mar 14, 2024

Granica joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage as a Build Partner

I'm thrilled to share some exciting news that marks a significant milestone in our journey. Today we officially joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Partner in the Build engagement model. This collaboration is a game-changer for us and, more importantly, for Google Cloud customers who are looking to build trust directly into their AI-powered data products.

Our role as a Google Cloud Build partner enables us to offer innovative data management solutions that help our customers build trusted AI. These solutions are tailored to assist generative and traditional AI teams in several critical areas: ensuring the privacy of sensitive data sets used in model training, improving their models, controlling their costs, and scaling up data operations.

Let me introduce you to the key services that are part of this initiative:

Granica Screen: This is our flagship training data privacy service. It's designed to accurately and efficiently identify, protect, and monitor sensitive information across all types of text data in Google Cloud's data lakes. Granica Screen is not just about improving data security; it’s about preserving privacy for AI/ML/analytics, streamlining the monitoring of data security and privacy, and helping with regulatory compliance.

Granica Crunch: Next, we have our training data compression service. Granica Crunch handles petabyte-scale data in cloud data lakes, pre-processing it before use in downstream stages and environments. The service offers deep and fast data compression, enabling up to an 80% reduction in the costs of storing and accessing data, while ensuring that this data remains "hot" and accessible.

Granica Chronicle AI: Lastly, our training data visibility service, Granica Chronicle AI, provides an innovative solution for data lake exploration and cost optimization. It features a genAI-powered text-to-query interface that generates relevant visualizations, graphs, and tables. This service allows users to uncover actionable insights quickly and easily, without needing any SQL expertise.

As Rahul Ponnala, our co-founder and CEO, puts it, “Our mission is to enable enterprise AI teams to build trusted AI that is effective, efficient, and safe. We believe that a data-centric approach holds the key to unlocking the transformative potential of AI and machine learning. Joining the Google Cloud ecosystem as a partner excites us greatly, and we're looking forward to helping organizations accelerate their AI initiatives and their results.”

This partnership represents a significant step forward in our commitment to advancing the field of trusted AI via next-gen data management. We're proud to be part of this journey and can't wait to see how our collaboration with Google Cloud enables ever more useful AI-powered data products and services. Stay tuned for more updates from Granica! 🚀🌐✨

Meet us at Google Cloud Next '24 to learn how we can help your organization protect AI privacy, improve model performance, and control cloud costs.